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Creator of a blog for creatives, free-spirits, and those looking to better themselves daily. 

Saskatoon Berry Jam is where I help you stay inspired and healthy, so you can live your best life. No matter where you are in your wellness journey, I'd like to be your friend along the way.

If you love alternative forms of health, wellness, art, and beauty you'll fit right in here. This blog is intended not only to share my passions and inspire you, but to also create an engaging community you can be a part of.

 I'm a student and freelancer from Alberta, whose life changed after committing to finding my own definition of health. My passion for health inspired me to create this blog!

I'm not a professional chef, but that's exactly why sharing my story is so important. A majority of food bloggers post recipes that take hours to make, and ask you to have a background in culinary know-how. My recipes and tips are accessible to everyone. Living healthy and well shouldn't require all your time and money, and I'm here to make living well accessible to you.

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